How to Make Linen Pants the Star of Your Summer Wardrobe

Warmer weather signifies it’s time to switch over your closet to more lightweight apparel. This doesn’t mean you have to ditch the dapper outfits y...

Warmer weather signifies it’s time to switch over your closet to more lightweight apparel. This doesn’t mean you have to ditch the dapper outfits you had donned through the colder months. Instead, summer is an opportunity to embrace clothing that is the perfect balance of comfort, breathability, and luxury.

34 Heritage’s collection of linen pants for summer are designed with the highest quality, premium fabrics and styled for the most discerning of taste levels to ensure they are the essential item in your closet this season. The variety of washes, fits, and textures make them perfect for every occasion, from a day of relaxation to a nice night out. Here are just three of the ways to stand out this summer in 34 Heritage linen pants.

1. Go From Day to Night in Navy

Don’t be fooled into thinking linen can only be appropriate for daytime wear. When you opt for a darker wash, you can wear this fabric from daytime right into the evening. 34 Heritage’s Charisma Navy Linen pant has a contemporary, clean design that’s breathable enough for the warmer days and has the right wash to wear through the night.

During the day, pair this ultra-lightweight linen with a classic, light-colored polo and sleek loafers for a casual yet sophisticated look that complements men of every age. At night, transition into a button-down paired with a cool jacket and light suede shoes for a more progressive and upscale style that distinguishes you as a gentleman with discerning taste.

The relaxed straight leg of this cut is the perfect intersection of comfort and contemporary style. And for a lighter wash as a more casual alternative, the Sand linen pant is another dapper option. You’ll look classically cool without ever sacrificing the luxury that comes with 34 Heritage’s premium fabrics and distinguished attention to detail.

2. Experiment With Texture

When you’re looking for a way to distinguish yourself with superior style, look to a pant with a hint of texture. This progressive detail elevates your taste level to new heights and can be adapted for both dressy and casual occasions. The Courage Latte Textured linen pant is the solution for embracing a textured design without sacrificing comfort or breathability in the warmer months.


With its tailored fit and contemporary design, this textured pant makes a powerful statement year-round. Pair them with a crisp, simple shirt rolled at the cuff that keeps the look clean, casual, and sophisticated. A tailored jacket is the only addition you need to take this refined look from day to night.

3. Embrace the Colors of Summer

Khaki, grey, and dark wash pants are all essential items. However, as summer arrives, it’s the perfect time to try a more progressive look and add some color to your wardrobe. Pastels and lighter washes show that you pay attention to the changing of the seasons and have an outstanding taste-level.

34 Heritage helps you style for the season with new designs for summer. Their Courage Light Blue linen pant is precisely what you need for a cool and confident look that doesn’t compromise on luxury or comfort. The breathable stretch linen is designed with impeccable taste sewn into every seam, while the signature straight leg and progressive cut elevate this casual look. 


In order to maintain the level of taste and sophistication of a bright pant, opt for a neutral-colored top and shoes. With the right balance of color, this is an outfit tailor-made for the discerning gentleman in summer. Instead of shying away from a contemporary palette, these linen pants embrace the full spectrum of color in an upscale and refined way that’s sure to become your seasonal staple.