How to Style Your Denim for Any Occasion

How to Style Your Denim for Any Occasion

When it comes to selecting the right outfit for an occasion, you want to pick the items that are the right combination of style and comfort. Denim can be the perfect choice for every event, whether it’s closing a deal at work in the morning or attending a restaurant opening for date night out that evening. The essential piece that makes this look work for any time of day is quality: Only denim designed with the best fabric and has the most luxurious feel can be this versatile.

To help you get started with what denim is right for life’s moments, both big and small, here’s a guide to styling that perfect outfit.

A Weekend Excursion

For the casual sporty look, go for a denim with a lighter wash and contemporary fit. With light denim, there’s always the danger of falling into a shapeless and slovenly trap, so make sure the leg is a modern, tapered silhouette and you’re pairing it with the appropriate items.

34 Heritage’s Courage fit is just right, combining the comfort of a mid rise with the cool of a fashionable straight leg. The tailored fit removes any excess material, swapping the baggy look for a refined one. It’s available in both light washes and white denim for a truly summer-worthy look that’s perfect for a weekend away.

34 Heritage Fine Touch Twill

A tailored linen or cotton shirt and classic leather boat shoes are always a good choice. Feel free to roll up the cuff of the jeans and unbutton the top couple of buttons for a more relaxed look. Finally, pair it with accessories like a woven belt and classic watch to complete a look that’s appropriate for a laidback evening on the patio.

Going Out to the Bar on a Friday Night

Going out to your favorite whiskey bar on the weekend also means looking your best. Opt for a darker wash denim that has a sleek, modern twist. Finish off the look with the right jacket and shoes for the complete look.

Combining contemporary flair with the sophistication of dark denim, the Cool fit is the choice for a night out. Without ever sacrificing the comfort that comes with the highest quality fabric and attention to detail 34 Heritage brings to every denim collection, the Cool jean incorporates a slim fit and tapered leg that attracts the right kind of attention. 

34 Heritage Fine Touch Twill

Pair the denim with a fitted jacket, and make the whole outfit pop with a touch of personality: Patterned socks, stylish glasses frames, a colorful and casual tie, etc. Bringing a bit of panache to a going out outfit is the best way to distinguish yourself on a night out as a discerning gentleman.

Afternoon Meeting at the Office

Wearing denim to work can be both stylish and appropriate when done correctly. While maintaining an air of professionality, the right jeans can complete a business suit and bring that dash of confidence you want for the office.

Look for denim that’s classic all the way through, from waist to cuff. The Charisma fit is the ideal jean for work for its elegance and sophistication. The comfort rise fit and straight leg also eliminates any extra fabric around the thigh, making sure you come across as dapper, not sloppy. The Charisma comes in a variety of colors and fabrics to suit any style, and establishes you as the most well-dressed person in the workplace.

34 Heritage Fine Touch Twill

To complete the look, throw on your best slim-fit blazer and pair of wingtip Oxfords. If you’re leading the meeting on a Casual Friday, consider layering knitwear over a fine chambray button-down.

When you start with premium denim, you can style a look fit for any occasion. Paired with the right accessories and tailored pieces, the whole outfit can transform someone into a sophisticated gentleman who clearly understands the good life. The right jean can take you from the office to the wine bar. It suits your lifestyle at all times by being the perfect combination of luxury and comfort.