How to Style Your Jeans for Spring

How to Style Your Jeans for Spring

Spring is the time for transition, and for many of us and our closets this means moving from pants to shorts, and from long sleeves to short. The warmer weather has arrived, and with it comes the impulse to store away all of your denim. However, this uniform of shorter everything isn’t acceptable for all of life’s moments.

The distinguished man deserves apparel that transitions with him, from day to night, and from Spring’s warmer daytime temperatures to the chillier nighttimes. This season, you can wear comfortable and luxurious jeans all year round thanks to 34Heritage’s line of stylish, lightweight denim.

Perfect for the driven gentleman that needs a jean that meets their casual style needs without sacrificing comfort or quality, this line of premium, lightweight denim stands out. Here are a few of the ways you can style this collection for your Spring activities:

Celebrate With Color

Casual doesn’t have to be boring. A pop of color in Spring can go a long way to distinguish yourself as a progressive gentleman with a taste level to match.

The Kona denim style offers the versatile wash and breathable design perfect for leisure time. Available in light, medium and dark blue hues, Kona is a sophisticated nod to the trends of the season, and pairs perfectly with a bright belt for a more modern appearance.


The denim’s Charisma fit offers an elegant, classic design that eliminates any excess fabric for a more breathable and comfortable experience in warmer weather. While stretching to almost any waist size, these jeans maintain their sleek silhouette and luxurious appearance.

Feel free to have fun this season with brighter apparel. These jeans offer an excellent foundation to build onto with colorful accessories and subdued tops and shoes.

Be Bold for the Evening

For the colder nights of Spring, lightweight denim provides the coverage you need to stay warm while avoiding the feeling of your legs suffocating in heavier materials. A darker wash is perfect for the evenings you’re having people over for dinner outdoors or attending a low-key event in the city. It’s the perfect blend of elegance and luxury while still maintaining that casual appeal.

34 Heritage’s Courage Straight Leg Jeans In Midnight Tonal Urban in the Courage fit is a great option for these occasions. The dark wash and tapered cut strike that right balance between sophistication and style. The premium denim is crafted from the highest-quality fabrics that emphasize their luxurious appeal, and present you in the best light possible on a Spring evening.


Pair these jeans with a light sweater or collared shirt to elevate them to an even higher level of refinement. Complete the look with a jacket that keeps out the slight chill of Spring.

Relax in Style

When you’re looking to step out of the business suit for something more casual, don’t abandon your sophisticated style for slouchy pair of sweatpants. Instead, opt for a pair of denim jeans with a lighter wash, classic silhouette, and a high-rise waist for more comfort. You’ll feel good and look great even during the most leisurely Springtime activities in a jean that combines both comfort and sophistication.