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How to Be the Best-Dressed Man in the Room

The saying, “look good, feel good” must be based in truth. There’s something about putting on the perfect pair of trousers, paired with patent wingtips and a sleek blazer that truly makes a guy feel ready to take on the day. The perfect outfit turns an ordinary man into a gentleman while letting him stand out in the crowd as a person with impeccable taste.

To look your best, it all begins with a pair of finely crafted, premium trousers. 34 Heritage is the brand to look to for providing the most luxurious yet comfortable trousers that make even the most discerning man look and feel his best.

But how do you choose the right pair of trousers? Here, too, 34 Heritage has compiled a guide to selecting trousers that adhere to our strictest guidelines of quality and style.


Khaki Twill


There’s a place for a premium pair of khakis in every man’s wardrobe. 34 Heritage upgrades the traditional style with twill blended fabric for a truly superior feel. Using only the highest-quality fabrics and based in the production traditions of the English and American denim industries, our pants surpass in both luxury and comfort. Every man is sure to feel his best in these khaki twill trousers, whether in our Charisma, Courage, or Naples fits.

This is the perfect pant for a more low-key day or weekend getaway. While still feeling great in the velvety twill fabric that’s made with comfort in mind, you’re announcing your sophistication and discerning sense of style.


Charcoal Luxe


Luxe is 34 Heritage’s take on fine Italian wool. The soft, flannel fabric combines the luxurious look of wool with the comfort of cotton. In the charcoal wash, this pant is perfect for a night out or other special occasion. It’s available in both Charisma and Courage fits so you can find the style that’s just right for you.

These are trousers that announce you are a well-traveled man with a passion for the finer things in life. Their European flair demonstrates an upscale sensibility that’s embodied by the wearer. This is how you assert yourself as the best-dressed man in the room.


Feather Tweed


34 Heritage makes it easy to distinguish yourself in the office, too. Our Feather Tweed trousers in grey have a traditional pattern with an outstanding, lightweight fabrication. Design and comfort combine once again to bring you a pant that easily transitions from an afternoon in the workplace to sipping scotch in the evening. The Courage and Charisma fits both offer a structured silhouette for an elegant take on a trouser.

Whether you’re looking for a trouser that transitions seamlessly from day to night or a casual pant to wear while on an international vacation, 34 Heritage offers the perfect blend of superior fit and comfort. When you wear 34 Heritage trousers, you don’t just look like the best-dressed gentleman; you feel like it, too. This is the brand that lives by the idea that rich fabrics and detail-driven design not only yields a premium trouser, but also a more confident man.


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How to Style Your Denim for Any Occasion

When it comes to selecting the right outfit for an occasion, you want to pick the items that are the right combination of style and comfort. Denim can be the perfect choice for every event, whether it’s closing a deal at work in the morning or attending a restaurant opening for date night out that evening. The essential piece that makes this look work for any time of day is quality: Only denim designed with the best fabric and has the most luxurious feel can be this versatile.

To help you get started with what denim is right for life’s moments, both big and small, here’s a guide to styling that perfect outfit.

A Weekend Excursion

For the casual sporty look, go for a denim with a lighter wash and contemporary fit. With light denim, there’s always the danger of falling into a shapeless and slovenly trap, so make sure the leg is a modern, tapered silhouette and you’re pairing it with the appropriate items.

34 Heritage’s Courage fit is just right, combining the comfort of a mid rise with the cool of a fashionable straight leg. The tailored fit removes any excess material, swapping the baggy look for a refined one. It’s available in both light washes and white denim for a truly summer-worthy look that’s perfect for a weekend away.



A tailored linen or cotton shirt and classic leather boat shoes are always a good choice. Feel free to roll up the cuff of the jeans and unbutton the top couple of buttons for a more relaxed look. Finally, pair it with accessories like a woven belt and classic watch to complete a look that’s appropriate for a laidback evening on the patio.


Going Out to the Bar on a Friday Night

Going out to your favorite whiskey bar on the weekend also means looking your best. Opt for a darker wash denim that has a sleek, modern twist. Finish off the look with the right jacket and shoes for the complete look.

Combining contemporary flair with the sophistication of dark denim, the Cool fit is the choice for a night out. Without ever sacrificing the comfort that comes with the highest quality fabric and attention to detail 34 Heritage brings to every denim collection, the Cool jean incorporates a slim fit and tapered leg that attracts the right kind of attention.


Pair the denim with a fitted jacket, and make the whole outfit pop with a touch of personality: Patterned socks, stylish glasses frames, a colorful and casual tie, etc. Bringing a bit of panache to a going out outfit is the best way to distinguish yourself on a night out as a discerning gentleman.


Afternoon Meeting at the Office

Wearing denim to work can be both stylish and appropriate when done correctly. While maintaining an air of professionality, the right jeans can complete a business suit and bring that dash of confidence you want for the office.

Look for denim that’s classic all the way through, from waist to cuff. The Charisma fit is the ideal jean for work for its elegance and sophistication. The comfort rise fit and straight leg also eliminates any extra fabric around the thigh, making sure you come across as dapper, not sloppy. The Charisma comes in a variety of colors and fabrics to suit any style, and establishes you as the most well-dressed person in the workplace.



To complete the look, throw on your best slim-fit blazer and pair of wingtip Oxfords. If you’re leading the meeting on a Casual Friday, consider layering knitwear over a fine chambray button-down.

When you start with premium denim, you can style a look fit for any occasion. Paired with the right accessories and tailored pieces, the whole outfit can transform someone into a sophisticated gentleman who clearly understands the good life. The right jean can take you from the office to the wine bar. It suits your lifestyle at all times by being the perfect combination of luxury and comfort.


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5 Ways 34 Heritage Makes the Highest Quality Denim

There are only so many clothing brands dedicated to providing stylish denim to the discerning man. 34 Heritage doesn’t just fulfill this role but ensures that every pair we produce meets the highest standards of quality and design. We take pride in our ability to provide denim that embodies the timeless elegance and sophistication valued by our customers.

Here are five ways 34 Heritage denim stands by our mission of incorporating luxury and comfort into every seam.


  1. We Fit the Lifestyle of the Sophisticated Man

Whether he is stepping into a business meeting or hopping onto a jet to take him across the world, 34 Heritage jeans match the occasion. The denim’s unbeatable combination of comfort and elegance stems from the attention given to every exceptional, hand-crafted detail. This is the brand for the man who insists on looking his best even when out of the office suit.


  1. The Denim is Designed in Tradition

Designed and produced in Istanbul, Turkey, 34 Heritage is the embodiment of generations of textile manufacturing and craftsmanship. We are constantly inspired by Istanbul - its colors, history and heritage - and produce the finest denim that upholds the integrity defined by our history. Steeped in these historic roots as well as European and American design sensibilities, 34 Heritage provides an evolving collection of on-trend styles and designs for the discerning gentleman.


  1. There are Styles to Suit Every Taste

With a thoughtfully curated selection of styles and fits, 34 Heritage offers just the right range of premium denim styles and designs. For the man with comfort top of mind, the Charisma Classic Straight Leg offers a high-rise with a relaxed, straight leg and classic silhouette. If a modern form is preferred, the Courage and Cool mid-rise fits offer comparable comfort with a contemporary and streamlined tapered fit.

Every pair of 34 Heritage jeans uses the richest fabrications to meet the superior standards of quality and style.

  1. The Denim is Guaranteed to Fit and Flatter Every Body

34 Heritage defies the industry norm by applying the highest design standards to cater to builds and body types that fall outside the standard “32x32” size. Offering waist sizes up to 42” and multiple inseam sizes (from 30” to 36”), we have perfected classic and modern fits that fit men of various shapes and sizes and complement men of any age.

  1. The Possibilities are Limitless

Our denim was created for the modern gentleman who requires his every style need met, from special occasions to casual respites. Every pair is a versatile and sophisticated and was designed with the world traveler in mind; someone who is evolved, stylish, and enjoys the finer things life has to offer. As such, this denim is a reflection of himself: Luxurious and premium.

By offering a premium denim collection that combines the classic sophistication of a trouser with the look and feel of a jean, 34 Heritage inspires every one of its customers to dress better and feel better. All it takes is one pair of their jeans to go from dressed up in the office to laid-back relaxation in the home.


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Founded in 2011, 34 Heritage has evolved into the preferred denim brand for the discerning man.
Every jean company is known for making a great “32×32,” but many fail to address men whose bodies fall outside that perfect proportion.
34 Heritage delivers progressive and sophisticated design, incorporating perfected modern and classic fits for gentlemen of various shapes and sizes. Top quality materials and exceptional handcrafted details are our hallmark. This is where 34 Heritage continuously delivers to an elite audience of discerning men, building a loyal following of leading men’s stores.34 Heritage finds our inspiration in the lifestyles of professional men from their meeting at the Sky Club to a deluxe weekend planned around a Concours d’Elegance. His loyalty lies in the intersection of comfort and luxury. Our goal was simple: to create a premium denim collection, combining the comfort of a trouser and the look and feel of a jean. Understated and refined, with timeless elegance imbued through subtle details and washes, every jean and pant we create uses the richest fabrications designed to meet the brand’s high standards for quality style. The superior fit and shape of 34 Heritage provides a style guaranteed to be complimented for men of any age.
34 Heritage was created for today’s gentlemen—evolved, well traveled and stylish; always insisting on the best even when out of their office suit. Every aspect of his life is luxurious and premium—that is why he wears 34 Heritage.
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